Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you who you need

&Partners is a different kind of creative agency. We take a look at your communication challenge and put together a team of proven pros. When your team’s work is done, they go off and do other things. Things you don’t pay for. It’s a bit like one of those heist movies where George Clooney puts a team of specialists together to rob a casino. Without the robbing, the casino or George Clooney.

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The right people

We know who’s good at what, and we’ve been collecting phone numbers for 20 years (not in a creepy way). So you’ll get the right talent for the job. A big brand idea? A social media approach? A radio campaign? Or some web copy and a couple of banners? Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you who you need.

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Australia’s largest creative resource

We work with a roster of specialist creatives, writers, designers, art directors, developers, planners, project managers... the list grows every month. But ultimately we won’t put your team together until we’ve had a good look at your challenge. You might just want a Creative Director to partner with your own marketing, social or digital people. Or you might want a whole virtual team.

Whoever and whatever, you can be sure of two things: Our partners are very good at what they do, and they’re decent, fun-to-work-with folks. Life’s too short to work with painful people.

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Life Partners

You don’t need a big agency to look after your brand or maintain an integrated campaign. We’ll put together a team with the right skill sets, and be your central hub - managing the moving parts and keeping your campaign on brand. If you need the same long-term team on your business, we lock them in.

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If you take your problem to a conventional advertising agency, they’ll give you a conventional advertising solution. If you take your problem to a digital specialist, they’ll give you a digital solution. Communications companies need to pay the salaries of the staff they already employ. Which means you need to pay the salaries of the staff they already employ. Whether you need them or not.

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'The fish is really good'

When a waiter recommends the fish, it could be because the fish is really good. Or it could be that if they don’t sell the fish pretty soon they’ll have to throw it out. To really stretch the fish analogy, we don’t buy the fish until you want some.

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